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Toyota Promotes their Service Centers

At Hanford Toyota we staff more than just sales consultants; we also have several car service specialists onsite whom specialize in Toyota brand vehicles. Therefore, we kindly encourage the drivers of Hanford, CA to utilize our dealership for all of their automotive needs, from acquisition onward.

The 4Runner Can Guide You Home From Anywhere

When you are tackling some treacherous terrain off the road in your ride you want to be able to focus on what lays ahead instead of where you have just been.

Toyota has solved this problem with a new system they call Route Trace, and they show it in action inside the 2014 4Runner in the video below:

The 4Runner has some incredible capabilities on and off the road, and the systems Toyota included within...

Come Join us for Toyota's Brake Savings Event

When it comes to maintaining and caring for your new Toyota model, you want to make sure you're leaving it to the experts. Luckily for you, Toyota has an amazing line of accessories, as well as the service and care to take care of your car. We here at our Hanford, CA dealership can take care of any of your service and parts needs. Check out this commercial that shows the importance of having…

Toyota makes a case for doing your makeup at home

If there's anything more important to our favorite automaker than developing new cars that get better with each passing year, it's the safety of their drivers. We like to think it goes without saying, but we couldn't agree more here at Hanford Toyota. And now that Toyota is continuing their TeenDrive365 campaign, we couldn't be prouder.

The 2014 Toyota Highlander is ready to Travel

When you live in California it's extremely tempting to get into the car and drive down to wine country for some good tastings, food, educational wine classes, and souvenir glassware. It seems the Muppets, our children's favorite pals, had the same idea in mind.

Apparently these guys live a pretty wild lifestyle. We're jealous of all the exciting places they got to go in the roomy 2014 Toyota Highlander. While we aren't terribly close to anywhere with a real-feel Carnival, we only have a few hours to drive to stomp grapes.

At Hanford Toyota, located in…

Toyota FT-1 Concept Brings Back Toyota Sports Car Heritage

Fans of Toyota may recall the days of the Supra, the Celica, or the 2000GT. There's no argument: sports cars exciting and just down-right cool. Scion folks get their dose of it via the Scion FR-S. What new sports car does Toyota have up its sleeve now?

To get an idea, Toyota revealed its FT-1 sports car concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Jan.13. It has design language?

At the recent 2014 Consumer Electronics show, Toyota unveiled its innovative FCV concept. This four-door midsized fuel cell vehicle is being referred to as the "Car of the Future" that will become a breakthrough within the world of eco-friendly automobiles. Since it is slated to go on sale next year, all of us here at Hanford Toyota thought we'd bring you the latest details.

What makes this vehicle so special? For starters, the only...

Explore a Toyota Assembly Line

If you're on the market for a new car that's as reliable as it is fun to drive, you've no doubt heard of the Corolla. This compact sedan has been making quite the splash with drivers for quite some time, and with the advent of the 2014 iteration, its reputation continues to grow.

Toyota Sets Its Sights on Wireless Charging

Our brand is always on the forefront of technology, especially in regards to ecofriendly vehicles and systems like the ones we have here at Hanford Toyota.  The Japanese automaker is constantly striving to meet the needs of the consumer, and  a recent agreement works in tandem with bringing easier charging methods to plug-in vehicles and their owners.

The ability to charge vehicles without plugging them in has been an idea for many automakers in the...

We can always count on Toyota to dedicate its time and resources towards providing safety education to communities. This is exactly the focus of its Buckle Up for Life program, which the automaker recently announced would be brought to New York. Let's take a closer look at the details.

Thanks to Toyota's partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Cohen Children's Medical Center, it will be spreading awareness through this...